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To capture a soul (blue orb) center it in your vision and hold hands above head (left on left side, right on right, see image below). When the soul is drawn into the red orb, put both hands inside the orb to sacrifice the soul.

BLORGRAMORG COMETH was a one night VR performance Hosted by Dark Energy Minneapolis at the Kitty Cat Klub in April of 2018.

The project consisted of 2 components:

1) A website, blorgram.org (no longer active, sry!), where audience members could visit and submit the name of a "soul" to "sacrifice."

2) A performer on stage wearing an HTC Vive whose perspective was projected onto a screen behind them. In VR, the performer was situated in front of an alter on a floating stone platform in the middle of a swirling maelstrom. As the audience submitted more souls to the website, they entered a queue and one by one the "summoner" would perform a specific gesture to sacrifice them. Eventually, enough souls would be sacrificed to allow Blorgramorg to "break through to the material plane."

The Demo available here does not include connectivity to an online database of souls, as the original version did, but if you have a Vive, you can play the game to experience what the summoner saw on the night of the event!




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Oculus Rift S.
Hands are mixed up. Nothing happens when you press any buttons.

Hmm, I'll look into the hands. There is actually no button functionality. I added a controls explanation at the top of the page. Thanks for the feedback.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the explanation! Everything works! Arms upside down when using oculus rift s touch controllers, but it is not important.